Low Fee Guarantee – We Guarantee Our Business Loan Rates are Competitive

Let’s face it. No matter how hard our competitors try to convince you that their rates and fees our lower than ours, at the end of the day the million dollar question is, “What is the total payback amount?” It always strikes me funny when competitor ABC boasts about having lower rates and fees than United Business Funding, but amazingly when reviewing the total payback amount on their payment schedule, ironically the total payback amount is more than ours!

United Business Funding guarantees we’ll have the lowest total payback amount when comparing our payoff schedule (for an equal sum over an equal period of time) with any of our competitors, or we will pay you $100.00. If you find a better deal, just provide us a copy of the Merchant Funding Agreement with an attached payoff schedule from the competing business funding company. You must give us the opportunity to meet or beat any other legitimate written offers that you receive.

If we fail to meet or beat the competitor’s legitimate offer, simply mail us a copy of the check you received and a copy of the signed Merchant Funding Agreement within 10 days of receiving the funding to verify the prevailing competitor followed through on the deal – – – and we’ll send you $100.00.


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