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Business Cash Advance

With the traditional Merchant Cash Advance funding program, a business would receive a business cash advance and make payments via their credit card processing company. Since not all businesses collect the majority of their revenue using credit cards, we also offer a funding program for businesses that deposit their sales revenue in their bank checking account.
With our ACH Business Cash Advance program, we can offer cash advances to these merchants and business owners. This program allows business owners to make payments via their business checking account. The agreed upon repayment amount is determined before the business cash advance contract is signed. These repayments are paid back daily through ACH debits, until the cash advance is paid back in full. This means that business owners are no longer required to process credit cards to receive a business cash advance, and those who do process credit cards, no longer have to change processors to obtain such business funding.
The business cash advance program not only increases our ability to offer funding to businesses that do not process credit cards, but also enables our Merchant Cash Advance clients to keep their relationship with their current credit card processor who they may have remained in business with for several years.

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